Is it worth it to lock in the Nuggets/Pelicans if trying to reach Ruby tier?

If I locked in one it should get me close to obtaining one of Scottie or Eddie. I have around 180k mt. The plan this year is to not really spend a lot like I did last year. I haven’t bought any VC thus far. I’ve been grinding and hoarding mt through triple threat. If I get some guys cheap and it costs me around 25k to lock in, y’all think it’s worth it? Will I regret it?

Yes 100%


What id say is think about how much you value the diamond / pd players u want and keep track how much mt you burn through to get them. That way u will know now much your "investing " in said player. Will help determine if its worth it or not. For me getting pd duncan is worth it. But damn imma have to grind lol


I just did the Pelicans. I sniped Peja for 4k got Chandler for 3k and pretty much locked the collection for the price of selling one Kyrie diamond shoe. It was a no brainer. Lol

The historics are usually cheap to finish. Ive done 3 so far

2 sets = 1 trash amy from the market. Should have been 1 set :money_mouth_face: 20 tokens was fair, 30 is too much.

If you’re grinding as No Money Spent sort of player and MT is not super-easy to come by, then I’d say no. You’re forgoing the ability to convert those players to MT, in exchange for Tokens, which are a “renewable resource.” And you can obtain one or two Rubies after doing Current Domination, and around half of Fantasy Domination.

I’m at ruby and only sets I locked in was the courts and logos. But that Eddie Jones and pippen are must have cards (from what I’m told) so do what you gotta do lol.

The thing is I can’t do domination I’ll be lucky to do one all year. It’s a snooze fest and the way you have to play with the requirements I just can’t do it. I sold one diamond shoe and completed with that for around 16k so it was worth it IMO. I agree though I’m not dumping all my mt into sets, I’ll prob do one more so I can grab Eddie then that’s it. I want to keep upward of 150k hoarded.

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Current Domination doesn’t really require you to play in a special way. Except maybe to play generally fast. Don’t even need to get the 10FTA, but if you can you can pretty much play however, as long as you’re still mindful of getting Assists and such.

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