Is it worth it to exchange for a diamond contract?

30 bronze, 20 silver, 15 gold

Definitely. You basically break even or profit a small amount. All depends how cheap u get the contracts and they pretty cheap rn.

depends if you’re a pack addict.

I’m always close 3-4 contrts

I’m not buying the contracts from the AH I already have them (4 bronze stacks, 3 silver stacks, 1 gold stack).

Also the second reply, I don’t open packs at all

Diamond contracts were selling for over 50k this weekend. Quite worth it if you are going to sell it.

It’s definitely worth it then. They are about 28-29k rn (they were cheaper it seems they went up again) You can only do the exchange once as well. They could go up in price over the weekend too.

Keep in mind gold contracts sell for 950 mt each.

Did they change the in game contract price or are people that stupid?

wow I had no idea. i also have too many contracts but for that price I would do it.

The latter.

You can pay in game for half the rate.

yep exactly thats what I do. I keep all my contracts and pay for every 5 games but I checked price and I will take 35k+ for that trade in this early

I don’t know if exchanging them to sell that diamond contract is a good idea. I know for sure that exchanging them to get a diamond contract and putting it on a player that you will use for a long time (starting 5, then rotation then on 11th-13th spot just to have someone you don’t have to pay for) IS A GOOD IDEA.

Can you exchange for the diamond contract multiple times? Or is it a one-off per season?

Every exchange only once. Hope shoes and contracts will return next season.

Yeah I did this one. Think it’s the only one that’s worth doing. Will probably put it on Archibald when I get him

I agree. I think the exchange is a great idea that was unfortunately overvalued. The costs are too great.