Is it worth grinding Darius Miles’ Evolution

I’ve started grinding him slightly but the 60 threes needed with him having a 603pt makes me hesitant to grind, is it worth it or should I move on

I’m thinking the same thing

I’m not grinding that hoe, no defense, no speed with ball, and when he do upgrade his 3 ball isn’t worth enough to make my team

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I’m leaning no myself. I think I’d rather focus on KG and Spreewell.

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Yeah, I was able to grab Spre for 1400, and feel like it’s a sign to drop Miles.

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I don’t think I’m going to be grinding any non auction able cards unless they’re real game changers or required for Dom rewarss. Wade and KG I’ll go for it but D Miles I don’t think is quite worth it

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Wade is amazing, he is Jordan and Kobe mixed into one, just shorter

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Nah darius isnt worth it


He was last week, but not with all these new Evos to grind.

Kobe and Jordan mix together my ass Yeah I guess if you don’t value post game and defense

U know amethyst wade has 80 post fade, 82 defense and 89 lateral with silver backdown punisher and silver clamps

He has better defense then Kobe and a better post game then Jordan, better fade and Jordan has no post badges

I respect your choice not to use wade, a lot of ppl don’t like him, but considering he cost 200k less then Kobe and Jordan and in my opinion is better, it’s a easy choice for me


I’m not gonna evo him. Even though I currently have the points required but that 3 ball will not drop. Now I just use him to lock down athletic wings like a jic for people like Lebron or Greek freak is d is underrated.

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Man i just starting grind him last night that 3 ball is atrocious

Yeah, it’s brutal. I’m just launching them on rookie, he’s probably hitting about 20%, on wide open looks

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I picked up Sprewell fro 5k because i figured it’d be a more worthwhile grind once i’m done with wade and garnett

What levels and tiers does sprewell get up to and what are his weaknesses at top level?

he gets to a diamond, i haven’t really looked fully on what he’s like at diamond but for 5k it shouldn’t be to bad anyway

He gets to a diamond. His inside D isn’t great as he only has a 40 inside, but this isn’t the end of the world if you have good defenders

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69 three 79 ball control no quickdraw = huge no

D Miles is deffs worth the Evo. He clamps at SF and rides them into the paint before blocking their shots. And at PF he’s simply a god. No other card can keep up with him. He dunks on everyone with a 93 driving dunk and 100 dunk tendencies. And if he doesn’t convert, it’s a foul bc his draw foul is in the 90’s as well and his FT rating is in the 80’s. He’s godly.

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