Is it worth going for GO shaq?

I wanna get pd d rose i have the other 3 cards, but i dont wanna waste 300k on pc for drose. Is go shaq going to be worth keeping if im currently using GO robinsion and PD Ayton

Nobody knows for sure and they will probably drop super packs, so…

so for now should i grab drose n waste the mt before prices go up

It all depends on his 3 ball

I think he’ll get all 99s except for 3pt ratings, probably 80s

This is a for sure they drop super packs… I feel like not only will we get a random super pack for series 3 but like two weeks after Shaqs obtainable we will get a super pack with every card in it

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Its going to be hard for them to make Shaq good enough to be worth it unless they give him a 3 ball or something stupid like that

if they give shaq a 3 ball im not playing the game

They gave kobe hof dimer. They mind of continue the stupidity


Shaq isn’t gonna need a three ball… I’ll be happy with difficult shots and a 90 midrange… post hops for days

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how much better is GO kobe over the pd can i get away with getting the pd one. This is my current team i cant decide if i wanna get kobe or who i should get and get rid of

You can buy 2 Drobs for just PG13 s price alone.

Now add:


And who ever comes last will cost 1 Million or more because he will be the key to Shaq and more importantly the 3000k tokens.

Kareem and Drob already here. Were getting an Opal Duncan and Hakeem. Nah I don’t think its worth it.

Maybe when the game is dead for shits and giggles but 2k will drop cover 3 Superpacks. Nah I’m good.

Do you prefer KD? if so just wait for his GO eventually

By the time Shaq is available it might be Summer League


I want to get GO Shaq because I’ve never used a Shaq on an end game team, but it’s hard to see how Shaq will outclass Kareem and DRob…

His player model is crazy cuh he bout thick af

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should i sell pd kd and pd bird while value is decent or have they dropped alto alrdy

Shaq’s weight >>>>>

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I think they dropped from the anni packs recently but i havent looked at prices

Calm down my guy