Is it worth going for 1k card count buying jerseys etc and selling back?

So I’ve got 550k right now. I’m only sitting at 180 cards. I’m working on my 6th Amy in the token store without even touching domination.

How much do y’all think it’ll cost me to hit 1k cards? Is it not worth going for jerseys and shit with my mt so I can hit the diamond and hopefully pd market if I do dom?

I’m ready to start buying shit up at 500 somebody convince me otherwise

If you want to do it the cheapest way possible, wait for the next big card drop… Filter buy… Filter buy

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Worth it because you can sell it all back.

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Do it, do it immediately.

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I did it over the weekend. Most jerseys/logos/courts/playbooks I packed or bought for 500 MT, so I just quicksold all that shit instead of clogging up my auction block for the next 3 weeks. I think I made back about 60K MT. I kept the players because I’m grinding out collections to unlock PD Mutombo.

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Wait for the next big promo.
Btw logos, arenas, home jerseys are already cheap.

Can someone give me a good way to go about getting my cards up I have about 600 right now what can I buy to get me to 1k cards without having losing out on a lot of mt and also how did you get to amy board without dom

Thanks for replies y’all

So if I were to do some now and beinf a complete cheapass as I don’t wanna spend a whole lot, pretty much buy anything under 500 and that’s a good price?

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That’s about as good of a price as you can hope for, gold jerseys quicksell for 350 MT.

Damn you missed out on alot of mt. I’m selling jerseys easily for 800 each

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I made a post on here right before PD Blake dropped on how to collect cards. Waiting is a hard thing to do, but wait until something big happens. It’ll help you out a lot. I’m sitting at 888

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Definitely do it during a market collapse. Jerseys, playbooks, logos all go for 500mt or less. I got all the logos, playbooks, balls, and arenas, all the players that aren’t amy or silver, plus most of the jerseys and that set me over. I only rarely bought anything over 1000k besides a few players. I’m mid sell back and I have 80kmt, haven’t even finished the players and haven’t touched anything else. Definitely worth it. Boring ah grind but worth it.


Uniforms dropped way down in price after the past 2 crashes

I tried multiple times and everything stopped selling.