Is it worth going after wilt?

All I need is stockton but I won’t use him and being honest my PD kareem outperforms him whenever I play him. Should I just stack up my tokens instead?

You want him? Get him

Personally i aint got that kinda time to grind him lol

Every time? How many times have you played him? There are only 300 Wilts on PS4. I’m very happy with him.

I’ve played him 8-12 times. No I don’t really care for him just was wondering if the stats were significantly better than the PD bigs out.

Wow. Are you on PC?

No I’m on PS4

OK. I only played him once and he made such a strong impression on me that I had to get him. Imagine a center that is a blur in transition, dunks on everything that moves and has a 99 steal.

319 :jack_o_lantern:

@Ddrop Thanks. My endorsement must be working although I’m making myself a disservice.

I’m still on the fence to go all in smh. show me another video of you dropping 55 points LOL!!

Actually I think I do have another one. Hold on.

@hazardousphrat Only 51 points and 13 boards, but I hope it will suffice.

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Man, noone can drop 50 on me with a non shooting card :joy: 36 was top this year and it was a base 11 custom sharpshooter :sweat_smile:

I feel like that’s another reason I’m not excited about him I dropped a 45 11 and 8 game with PD Kareem yesterday. I feel I can’t get any more out of him than PD Kareem but I’ll probably just stack up till I get to 900 tokens then I’ll decide because stockton will never touch the floor on my team

Well damn!

What’s your alternative? Sit on the tokens?

Yea will just stack up to 900 tokens cause that’s enough for wilt and stockton and at that time I’ll decide.

I mean what’s your alternative when you get enough tokens? What else would you do with them other than redeem Wilt?

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I could blow them on the token market when it’s open just to get some mt from packs and who knows 2k may add exclusive packs for tokens I’m mainly just holding off wasting tokens on a player I won’t use

I actually wanna see OP Wilt vs diamond one, Pd Sampson or Mutombo.