Is it worth going after Brandon Roy?

I understand that I need to finish some of these spotlight series to get him. And that I need to use entire collections to do the challenges. Is it worth doing at this point?

No you have to spend mt to get the cards and even after evo hes good but not a top tier card so its not worth it

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I’d only begin to begin to think about doing these challenges if I had bird and Kobe and Steph done… even with that by the time you get Roy done 2k21 would already be out… only reason to try to finish spotlights is for the sake of doing spotlights

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absolutely not - you have to complete 5 spotlight series, each series is (if I remember correctly) 18 games, and some of the challenges are not super-easy

if you are willing to grind offline, go for GOAT Bird or GOAT Curry (incidentally, you will make more MTs and get more tokens down the line, and get some usable cards)

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Got it, thanks guys.

get tmac instead

I would focus on the Steph/Bird/ Kobe grind at this point. You’ll need around 200k mt to get those sets (you can sell them back after each spotlight to do the next). If you’re still looking for content after the spotlight sims then he would be a good target.

dont seem to have seen anyone compare him and rj hampton (whos is <100k), but that seems to be a good comparison? will take a look later

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thats a hell of a comparison

Get Hampton

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I’m not so much saying he’s worth it from a strict player comparison. Pretty sure op has mentioned that he’s primarily an offline player and I know he picked up the game for free on ps+ so is likely looking to extend playtime with available content. From a strict player comparison I’m sure there are plenty of better options at this point but from a content stand point I would put him right after the spotlight sim rewards (including the major pieces needed to obtain the goat cards Hakeem, Arenas, etc)

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Btw I would def take Hampton over Broy if I were just comparing players, but its close.


alternatively, OP can play the spotlights for walter davis, card is definitely worse, but if ure only playing offline, and are playing thru challenges, then why not

purely based on stats and badges, i evoed roy but havent played with him, roy is alot better defensively.

I only have part of one spotlight left to do and all the cards for it and I’m not sure I’m even going to go for him. I think there are better options.