Is it worth doing?

Im thinking of selling Glitched Shaq, Bosh and Glitched Giannis just to get the Opal Giannis.

You guys think it makes sense to trade 3 cards that are in my lineup for 1?

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sell 3 get 1 sounds fair, cuz you could only run 5 on court. Opal Giannis is premium


This is what my lineup could possibly look like depending on how much I get for them, I have 275k already


I mean sell or not you decide. As long as your skill level could get GRice theres no difference Shaq Giannis or Bosh. All they could be well in your hand.

Nasty. I dont like Unicorn at the 5 tbh - for me he was “LOST” to often on the court. Get you an Elite Center and your perfectly fine :smiley: we call it luxury problems haha

What do you mean by lost? When he plays pick and roll defence?

If that’s the case, I have him evolved so that should make a big difference

yes i support that sell

This Giannis will carry you to victories by himself. Surround him with 3+D players and it’s easy wins.

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i just put up my shaq n evo ben up for sell .4hrs as i see the last 5 shaqs all ard 950k and one evo ben 515k on ps4 asia…i hope i get similar price n not get fucked… at least get 1.15-1.2m nett mt from it…then will work from there to get giannis…its sad to part kobe shaq duo but its time for pip n mj XD…gonna be a nerve wrecking 4hrs from now T_T

shaq beat my expectation …higher than my purchase price of 972k…too bad evo ben value drop =( but giannis is definitely in sight now ^^ so its shaq ben swap for pip n giannis

Imo I don’t think the new Giannis is the last Giannis card we get, if you want mt obviously other bigs play like Shaq, but I still feel like the other Giannis playing pg is still an advantage when the new one is still limited even tho I’d rather run Giannis at the 4