Is it worth benching McHale to make room for the Oakley-Ewing duo?

Running McHale at 4 and Ewing at 5, but he has a duo with Oakley, my Dwight is on the bench, and i don’t want to start him. Could sell DH but I have no mt for another good C

97 RWB PG 96 Bob Cousy
94 Dr. J SG 93 MJ
88 James Jones (placeholder selling Hondo rn) SF Johnathan Isaac
98 K Mac PF 94 Dirk
98 Ewing C 95 DH

My guess is that McHale + Ewing will be more productive than Oakley + Ewing.

But I still picked up an Oakley for being able to run Oak and Pat together when/if I can get an Ewing.

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Think its more worth it to just add a 3pt shoe to Pat?

I think that’s most almost certainly the case. And I’m not so sure boosting his 3 is such a big deal, to begin with.

How much is Ewing going for? I need him in my life

Got mine for 150

Nice. Ill keep an eye out. Probably my favorite post player aside from Hakeem. How u like him so far?

He’s A1. Nice fluid jumpshot, clamps on defense, grabs boards, 10/10 IGN

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Nice ill be keeping an eye out for him. Havent seen many posted.

That means he’s a good card, not rare, if a diamond Wilt drops, people will spam Pat out of their lineups for him

I only have 80k. I hope PD Bron drops soon and crashes the market

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Is this yrs Ewing better than last yrs PD Ewing? If he’s the same, I’ll pass. If he’s better, I’m going to pick him up.

Better imo

No the fact that he hasn’t been often posted does in fact means he’s rare… I still wouldn’t be surprised if 2K has him fly out of every other pack soon.

I want him so bad, no homo

Just get Ralph he’s got 4 inches on him

Ralph’s nice and honestly im content with Shaq but Ewing is such an animal. Idk why I have such an easy time dominating with him in 2k.

So Ewing is that good? How does he compare to KAT/Kareem

Those are my centers right now.

Stick with who u got unless u wanna run KAT at PF.

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