Is it true you can’t add badges in 2k20?


If this is true that would suck


It’s true and the majority believes it doesn’t suck at least initially. It depends if 2k chooses to balance the meta with it or if they choose to make everyone hand over their wallets for a new op player every other day.

We really doing this lol

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Already a thread

Sucks that no longer make Giannis a sharpshooter with badges

At first I was more neutral thinking it could be good, but I think it is pretty obvious now what their goal was.

The collection amount being so much higher. The diamond shoe’s being weaker. Position locks which means even more versions of players.

They don’t want us upgrading our non evolution cards. They want us to spend money to get new and better cards and not improve our old ones.

This makes sense, they are dropping heat early.

Yea it’s a whole thread saying you can’t…

There’s already a thread discussing this

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