Is it too early to talk 2k21 Myteam?

I’m getting bored of 20.

What are your expectations for the mode in 2k21? What do you think they bring back and take away?

I’m almost 100% certain the token board, position locks and badge locks make a come back.

I don’t see any scale back on OP cards coming. I think the All Star break is when we start getting Opals from now on. Maybe sooner.

Hopefully PD Historic Coaches and guys like Tayshaun, Barkley, Reggie and Rasheed are in the game.

And yeah Opal Kobe will be the Collector Reward right? Need more 5v5 modes too.


i want more ben wallace types. incredibly op cards that are the complete opposites of good players


I hope they make defense better and not just hide it behind a new badge like clamps or intimidator. I probably won’t get the next 2K unless people from here say it’s significantly better though


Considering 2k doesn’t get started until August

Don’t expect anything because it always backsfired


They need to go back to 2k17’s defense and go from there


What I want to see… hm. I mean obviously I’ve talked a fair bit about balancing changes, but I’d like to keep things more realistic.

I’d like to see PD Coaches. Even GO, fuck it. I think it’d be a fun addition to the game.

I’m curious to see how they balance content. 2k18 had weekly drops with moments inbetween and spotlight series. 2k19 had signature series, 20th anniversary, moments, throwback elite, and drops. 2k20 had prime, flash, buzzer beater, moments, big drops and small drops. There’s just too much shit going on, and 2k21 will surely change it up further.

I’d like to see more token consistency. Token drops this year were a lot weirder than last year, at least so far, and I’d like to see them finally figure out what they’re doing in that regard.

I think we see a new tier of badges as the main ‘hype’ for the game.

I’m pretty sure position locks are here to stay. Too much $$$.

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No idea what to expect, or when/if it even comes out.

But with production issues with all games right now, combined with a new Gen coming out, this might be the first 2k I skip in half a decade.

That was the last year I played MyTeam prior to this year. I had an offline franchise in 18 and it was automatic blowby dunks from what I remember

Just copy and paste 2k19, if they will try to improve something they will just make it worse like almost every year


I could defend the paint (sometimes) with hands up defense. Last time I frustrated my opponent on defense.

Honestly I really don’t hate 2k20 that much as a game. I think the fundamental game is enjoyable. They just need to make it more consistency and fix the dumb shit, like AI randomly doing weird things and clipping issues, especially when playing vs the computer. The gameplay is fine IMO. Maybe a bit too badge dependent.


In 2k19 Javale McGee and Beasley would run PG at the end of the game. Now every game ends with the PG/C running the ball up. Mark Olberding shouldn’t be running point.

I’m hoping for some changes , but I don’t see how they change that much on my team to make the mode way better .
Would be nice a draft mode , and a possibility to play team ups on my team

They need to add some more online 5v5 game modes that’s for damn sure. There’s practically nothing to do on this game outside of offline.


Copy everything in MLB the Show.

Make TTO like BR in MLB. Something hard like 30 wins in a row gets you some auctionable PD/Opal that can only be obtained in that manner.

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I’d expect a delay until November considering that the 2021 NBA season likely won’t start until December. That could mean a condensed cycle and more frequent content.

As for the mode in general, I’d hope for a complete revamp of 5 vs 5 online.

No, they ain’t gotta do anything really. People will buy the game and spend vc even if they will release a beta version of the game without an practical update for months

  1. Add a draft mode

  2. Fix matchmaking system

  3. Don’t give the same stats to every player and stop with the speed boosting hof range centers

  4. Have different courts for triple threat, outside and indoor courts would be cool


Make user defense react faster to everything. Even offline, it feels so slow compared to having the ball in your hands.

If they fix that, I promise you that the 5 out hide behind screen guys are done for.

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