Is it time to call KAT a kitten? 🐱

The Timberwolves have the worst record in the NBA and fired their coach. Granted, KAT has only played in 11 of their 31 games this year, but there is a longer historical trend of franchise mediocrity. The Timberwolves record during his tenure has been:

2015-16 • 29-53
2016-17 • 31-51
2017-18 • 47-35
2018-19 • 36-46
2019-20 • 19-45
2020-21 • 7-24

It is true he missed significant time last year and this year. But it’s also true the only year the Wolves had a record over .500 was 2017-18, when Jimmy Butler still played there. And we all know Jimmy called KAT soft and forced way out of MN. It’s also notable that 2017-18 is KAT’s worst season statistically, other than his rookie year.

So, the question becomes: Why are the Wolves so bad, year over year? Part of it is general franchie ineptitude, sure. The West being is also very competitive, but that can only be an excuse for so long, and has the Wolves roster really been that bad compared to, say, Utah? And it’s true he’s missed time with COVID this year (and that his family was devastated, which is heart-breaking), and last year with an injury. They’ve also been at best declining ever since Jimmy Butler left.

You have to start to wonder at a certain point how valuable KAT actually is as a player. What do you guys think? He seems like he’s on a Carmelo-esque career trajectory. Would a change of teams or coaching staff unlock something that’s remained frozen in Minnesota?


Like a worse AD that needs a lebron like playmaker next to him to truly be at his best. I just don’t think modern day big men can really do it alone. Jokic might be the case against that as a playmaker himself but even he has Jamal next to him.


To be fair it is not entirely his fault.

Bring him to a good team with a good culture.


What would it take to get him to Boston…?


best title for a thread… lmao

Couldn’t use the word I really wanted to :eyes:


I think KAT is stuck in a terrible situation that is not vindictive of just how good he is. And sure, he’s having a rough season by his standards (a season in which he is still averaging 23 points and 12 rebounds per game), but look at his uninjured teammates right now: an inconsistent rookie in Anthony Edwards, a glorified role player in Malik Beasley, and a young prospect in Naz Reid. Rubio is solid but not the same PG he once was. Minnesota is just a small-market team that hasn’t seen young players develop the way they expected them to and that isn’t KAT’s fault. I see where you’re coming from but I respectfully disagree with your point.

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I really feel like that’s the big fish Ainge is waiting for… it’s just a matter of when


Bad situation. Bad organization as a whole… Ask KG or Marbury? He is a decent big. He’s not a transcendent talent like Embid, Nikola, or AD , but he’s easily 20 and 10 player as the 2nd or 3rd option. Kat should not be any team’s best player because simply he’s not a top 10 talent in the league at the moment thx to his unwillingness to commit to defense. But Pair him with Steph, Giannis, Lebron, KD, Harden or any of the best players and he succeeds.

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What would Boston even trade for him? Jalen Brown and Jayson Tatum I would think are untouchable.

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Bring Towns to Toronto, Hornets, Suns etc

The only thing I can fault Kat for is his defense, other than that I can’t blame him. The Twolves are the Knicks of the Eastern Conference. We’ve seen how they wasted most of Kevin Garnett’s Prime years and now the same thing is happening with Kat.

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Probably so. I think a starting 5 of Kemba, Smart, Brown, Tatum and Towns could be a legit threat to come out of the east. But I can’t see a package that would work unless it’s a ton of 1st round picks and basically all our promising young players (Pritchard, Nesmith, etc).

Because the wolves is KAT and friends. He needs another star

Pairing Towns and Dlo is a bad idea

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Obviously that would be very close to a young super team, but I don’t see a package that works either. Kat is only 25 years old. It’s going to take 2- 3 near allstar level young players and multiple picks unless TWolves just get finessed.

Suns - Ayton Package


Hornets - Graham, Zeller, Bridges, Picks


Raps - Powell, Boucher, Picks


Woahhhh there. You valuing KAT that much?

Ohhhh your saying what the teams would look like lol