Is it still worth completing throwback sets

Is it worth completing the sets and locking them in, or is it better to hold the cards and sell them for a shit ton when value goes up? So many people are telling me different things. Like the reward cards are good, but by the time i get sets locked in new cards i can get on ah are better

50/50 bro, while the token cards aren’t “end game” some of the diamond and PD cards are pretty damn good. The general rule is don’t lock big amounts of MT but at the same time, you need to enjoy the game you brought. If you wanna lock then lock if you can get them cheap, but just remember if a card costs you 20k in a TB set that’s 20k you’ll never see again.

its just throwback cards sell for over 100k if u hold them. So its like do i lock them in or hold untill value sky rockets then sell it for alot

You must be on PC yeah? I can see what ypur saying but at the end of the day it’s a personal preference thing. I’ve locled some TB sets because some of the emmys/saphs/rubys will be fun for weeklys and such but other teams i haven’t locked.

ya im on pc why do they sell much cheaper on pc

Nah man waaay more expensive on PC. Take ruby Mo Pete who has been one of the most expensive ones, he is like 20k now and he has been outta packs for a while.

I locked everything until I completed my rewards through PD. The PD rewards are pretty good, and I do not see better cards presently available than some of these guys. Sure, Klay and Granger are unique, but are the better than G Hill? I do not know; never bought Klay/ Granger but the point is, those PD Rewards plus Di Melo are pretty good.

I run all pd rewards except stockton. But magic/klay combo is insane! Something no other cards can do. Grant hill is best at point like most other said. So much talent wasted having him at the 3

I am, but that’s because I’m going for Wilt and grinding out every token via gameplay would just take too much time (I don’t want to unlock him in May). There’s also a MyTeam goal for having every throwback set completed.

I think you should do whatever you feel is best. Every one will have an opinion on how to manage their tokens/MT, but at the end of the day its your game.

That being said, most the PD reward cards are awesome, so if that’s your goal i back it.

They sell for way more, because the market is smaller, count on the market is very soon small when they are out of packs.

I still think it is worth to lock them though, especially on PC. It costs maybe 25k to lock the set usually, not that horrible. If you then also buy some additional rubies/sapphires/emeralds and hold them for 2-3 weeks, huge profit.