Is it so difficult to integrate Challenges into the 2k mobile app?

yesterday I downloaded the nba2k app for android, and after logging in, I see that I can put my face on and enter locker codes …

… but I thought I could track (or watch) my challenges for XP!!

would it be so difficult for 2k to integrate it into the app?

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Maybe it follows when s2 starts.
But the 20 app was broken over month.
So i don’t have high hopes

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Is it so hard? There’s a lot of simple things 2k doesn’t get right

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fifa has the companion app where you can see your squad,do SBCs(exchange in 2k),work the auction house but i guess 2k can only provide an app where you might be able to enter locker codes unless you get an error


Yes but the app makes it possible to run bots easily over the mobile device. Tons of YT turtorials how to run a bot in the app.

They would ruin the ah with a similar feature.

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i only want to link my account (which is enable when you loggin) and see my progress with challenges.

i think its a minor update… hmmmmm like saving global coach settings avoid pausing each match (yahhh, i know…)

That’s works on the ps4 and xbox via the remote play app
Ps4: you need wifi and you can start and screen your ps4 from everywhere.
Xbox: you can start it over wifi and cell.

Download the app and you just need to pair the phone & console and change the settings on your console (allow remote play)
A lot of YT turtorials available

thx but im on PC Steam :slight_smile:

There are options too.
A lot.
Teamviewer is great.

Just ask google.
I’m a lil technerdy but the most of the stuff i know is from youtube, tech radar and all that stuff.

PC Steam remote play android
Screen mirror app android pc steam
PC steam second screen on mobile

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