Is it safe to say dynamic duos is a L

The hype surrounding duos didn’t last long at all. They’re almost useless if duos can’t boost badges from gold to hof attributes are not enough. How do yall feel about duos at this stage?

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Not necessarily. Diamond Porzingis and Guerin is a huge W with their duo. Bill Russell and Hondo is another one that is great.


I like Bill Russell’s duo with Havliceck. I hope Kareem gets a similar duo.

“we will bring back more duos in 2k19”

That Bill Russell duo is nice, but cards like Dave Cowens who is basically Duo Bill w/ base 11 make it hard to sacrifice a GO spot for Hondo.


I think Duos are fine. Would just be nice to get some more meta combo options so it can be more than just a novelty.

Exactly… = a bad duo. A great duo would be 2 elite or same quality players with meaningful boost. None of those duos really fit this description.

Something like PD Vince/ PD TMac would have been good if Tmac got +10 strength 99 swb 99 3 and defense bump with Vince getting the same. They could have made it work with Penny if they did the right boost.

Bill Russel’s duo should have been Larry Bird. That would be really op.


I agree. Cowens has everything Russell has and 86 bc

Why dont you like Guerin and Porzingis duo?

Have we 100% proven that duos are working now? I’m really skeptical of them

The increase in shooting meter size for Russel in a TTO video looked convincing to me.

From a guy who likes to use budget squads they are a boost i love how consistent Marcus smart and Avery bradley‘s 3 ball get with the duo

That’s not bad

What about the FT boost for amethyst Simmons & Butler? That one should be pretty evident. I wonder if anyone tested that since the “fix”

only reason why duos are bad because 2k is greedy. if they made duos good, less money would be spent

I don’t dislike it. But Guerin is already pretty maxed out and received minimal boost. Kristaps definitely gets boosted nicely with the +15 dunk. Basically every duo should be like a bare minimum of like +25 to 35 dynamic duo. I just think they have been really skimpy with the ratings boost.The boost that he received are close to useless.

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We don’t need any more boosts to the arcade cards we already have. Playing 2k13 & 2k14 on last gen was super fun since you could only add 3 standard badges to each player & players played like they actually did in real life, creating the possibility of exploiting mismatches (what a concept!)

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Heres Magic and Bird boost in 2k17. MAKE DUOS GREAT AGAIN.


2K17 was the best.

Remember Valentine’s Day when they boosted all the Throwback reward cards and handed out a shitload of duos that were actually relevant? I loved 2K at that time. Since then they have gone downhill with regards to doing things nice for the community. Although I was pretty happy to get 97 Carmelo yesterday. I guess I can learn to love him :joy:


The Ben Simmons / Jimmy Butler duo I use again (now that duos are actually working). Hopefully the next wave will add some better options/boosts.

Duo packs coming soon as final KO to market