Is it really Lineup Suggestions or Fishing for lineup compliments?

As a Myteam OG ive been seeing these type of threads or tweets for soooo long. I legitimately don’t understand.For the BBB myteam hoopers who have all the cards maybe the question they really want to ask is “Who else should I add to my team?” Lol it could also be me being jealous that my lineup is this lol


Even with a stacked squad, you can have a lineup that doesn’t mesh well for certain reasons. It’s good to hear other people’s critiques.

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Dude I 100% agree it drives me nuts! I always enjoyed giving lineup suggestions prior years for those with budget guidelines but this year it’s a joke since pretty much everyone has a god squad. Moral of the story is if you have a god squad full of diamonds don’t ask for lineup advice…your issues aren’t personnel related haha

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lol seriously and if you have the means to get any card. How many suggestions do you need really? just go get whatever card you want lol.