Is it Possible To Pull PD Payton from Token Packs?

Ive been trying to get pd Giannis for a while, just cant come up w/ 200k needed to get Payton…

Dont want to part ways w/ my PD glitch lebron, basically my most expensive card.

Is it possible to pull payton from Kareem token packs. I know the odds are always horrible, but Im just wondering if its possible at this point.

Edit: Just bid sniped Payton for 140k.
Giannis will soon be mine…

Yes it should be but as you mentioned good luck with actually pulling him. Probably just a waste of tokens

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I don’t think he is in the packs since he is not mentionned. and that must be a reason for him to be so expensive

Nope he’s excluded. Spotlight Giannis isn’t even worth it at this point in the game anyways. Dino, Rudy Gay, and Diamond Isaac are all cheaper and better options. For 200k you could probably buy Kevin Love or AK.

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He 100% pops up as included on PS4 when you click triangle, however I haven’t personally tried to pull him

I’m not sure why everyone says he’s not included


How is diamond Isaac better than him?

Better defense and can shoot. Not to mention he’s free compared to losing near 50-80k on tax.

SL Giannis is still a beast

2K just added him back into the Token packs. He wasn’t in them last week which caused his price to rise to +200k. Same thing with Sapphire Bol

Gotcha, makes sense. He’s definitely listed as in there now though

PD payton is top 5 stupidly overpriced card in the game. PD Ducan is right up there with him.

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Oof my bad I thought I saw him before in packs

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I wonder if there’s a reason they added him in late, or they are just realizing it now…

probably the same reason they left out the sapphire cards in the Frostbite token packs

buy him then sell him back

yeah, I just would have to sell my glitched Bron just to have a chance at making a bid on payton.

Then play the last game, drop 60 w/ kareem, then sell back payton, and hope for chance to get bron again I guess.

Free Giannis is still a beast. I love that Isaac card, Giannis is better. Better player model, better speed, better animations

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Can’t pull him

You can, at least on PS4

Not on xbox, doesn’t even show up as available pulls. He’s over 250K I think