Is It Possible To Move From A 2K20 Whale/Pack Addict To A 2K21 No Money Spent?

I am hoping to accomplish this.

In my favor:

  1. In 2K20 I didn’t start MyTeam until March so I was always playing catch-up and would spend money/rip packs to get the best cards.
  2. I was a noob this year and made a lot of Auction House mistakes I won’t make for 2K21.

Not in my favor:

  1. I will have less leisure time to spend on 2K21 than I had during the quarantine of 2K20.
  2. I’m not a great sniper. I’m only successful at low-level snipes like Silvers and contracts.
  3. I’m worried I won’t be able to feed my pack addiction with free MT only.


P.S. I will start with the Mamba edition to have a small amount of VC and MT to get started. But then it’s strict NMS (hopefully).

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Yes with the mindset it’s very possible


Yea if it’s anything like this year it won’t matter. The “best” cards weren’t that big of an advantage for most of the year.

You’d be surprised what you can snipe and flip.

I never target the “big” cards, but buying low and selling high? Hell yeah.

I was sniping Diamond contracts the day of the code and was getting them for 2-7k and now they sell for like 25k again.

Shit like that adds up and there’s much less comp on the filters


Yeah I was also sniping diamond contracts from last Friday and flipped 20 of them yesterday. Are you on PS4? I was probably competing with you this week!

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i have a plan to never open the packs again every time i use lot of mt but it lasts a very short time

I was doing it the night we got the code for them, so if it was then, probably :laughing:

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Yes. I used to be vc glitch addict in 2K19 and pulled boxes after boxes every release day.

Now I’m I don’t open packs this year. Just my last 150k for NBA Back packs after selling everything.

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Just play with budget beast.

Yeah that will be my problem. Strangely enough I prefer ripping with VC because no matter how bad my pulls are, my MT goes up! I really hate ripping with MT.

this is a question all whales ask themselves every game cycle. its just a slippery slope. if you start spending money its hard to stop because it becomes “what’s a few more dollars”. just really be vigilant about not buying VC and be smart with your MT.



Yup this is one real sniping advice. Sniping tips on Youtube are mostly scams but @6thManSam videos are legit and insightful.

You’d rather have 50 small snipe wins rather than a rare big one.

I made a lot of mt this year targeting prime/promo/buzzer beater diamonds and it’s hella easy compared to the big ones.


it’s hard to be smart if you like to gamble. and this is classic gambling

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@6thManSam and @SpacewardBird2 are the sensei’s of sensible and sustainable sniping.


You can always do what I did in '19 when I was spending too much.

I just stripped all my saved payment options off the PS4 and gave all the physical cards to my wife.

The spending stopped rq after that. :rofl:


I’m in the same boat

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Gotta plan it out, SAVE that lump sum of VC they give out and then the second amount they give for next gen. The begining of the year shit won’t be worth nothing tbh just shitty cheap players you can get for nothing down the line

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It’d smart to just not play this game until you get Next Gen. the game play is going to be completely different.

I’m not much of a gambler, but I did change my obsession from daily fantasy (Draftkings) to 2K.

And now I’m realizing how truly dumb this is since at least with daily fantasy you could actually win money. But 2K pack ripping has been fun for me during a very tough time in my life, so I can’t get too mad at myself.

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