Is it ok to sell my MT on here?

Hi guys, I made the move over from 2kmtc and am only using the card database over there. Right now I have my entire God squad forsale and I plan to sell most of my MT and run with a budget squad for the rest of the year. Is it ok to sell on here?

You need reputable users to come out and support your sale/buying history. Otherwise, not many people would take your word. The only reason such transactions were frowned upon in the 2KMTC Forum was because the Admins had a connection to 2K.


Yeah, I haven’t bought or sold MT in 18 but I’ve been around a while now and have both bought and sold in 2k17. I’d be willing to do a show of faith and buy out someone’s gold card for like 25k MT if they are reputable, just to kindof get things rolling. I’m definitely not out here trying to scam anyone I’m just more into MLB The show now and want to get some of my investment back.

Understood, and I am not accusing you of wanting to scam anybody. Are you on PS4 or XB1? I’d be down to talk to you and run a few games later tonight to gauge that you are legit.

playing a game with someone =/= they won’t scam you

But being a judge of character and knowing that this person probably would not want to ruin their reputation going forward can help determine a scammer. I’ve seen him post on 2KMTC and have faith that he’s good-to-do. Playing a game with him is just something to do while we talk things out and decide on what the best course of action is to sell MT.

you have fun with that then

I’m on PS4, I work nights and have hockey practice afterwards so I won’t be home until late. I have recently also sold mut coins through ebay and have 100% positive feedback on there. I can provide screenshots of my ebay profile if that helps. I work full time n have 2 kids so any chance I get to game I’m currently grinding MLB The show, not playing much 2k these days.

Oh, I will.

How much mt you looking to sell @MelloMania

I’ll vouch for angels as a buyer

I’ll buy and vouch for you mello. $20 for 100 :thinking:

I’m wanting to buy your MT. I’ll buy all ya have, most likely. Hit me up!

We’ll see if @2KGamer has an opinion on allowability of MT trading, but I don’t think there’s an issue.

Please note, I just put up a “CLASSIFIEDS” thread for MT buying/selling and also AH card listing alerts and all that.

Please don’t start any new MT-selling thread and try to keep it to that pinned thread.

Ill do 20 for 100k. I have 2.1mil on PS4

Thats a scary name to buy from

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