Is it me or EU servers are more of a sweat fest than US servers?

Yes the top players are all on US server, but the proportion of good players in EU is higher i feel like. I watch twich daily but all these US streamers seems to run into bad players way more often.

There are less “casuals” in the EU server i feel like, most of the people in EU plays fifa instead so only the sweats that really like hooping over football would play 2k here.


No way

You haven’t played us east servers that’s the real sweat


when jack was first dropped on tto
i played 8 games in a row vs opal AD, is it also a common thing in US east ?

I have played on both servers and EU servers are definitely way harder.
The amount of players is much smaller and so the few that play the game, know how to play the game

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On god


If it’s like any other game, of course.

EU servers are sweaty in any game, being accused of making an NA play is an insult in most FPS games.

If players ever heard abt those guys on CoD running [GER] or [TRYH] in their clantag, damn…

No offense to german people, I am half german :wink:

You played with my cod in EU servers, the MFers there are boozo crazy, so you know it’s :100:

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EU has nothing on NA East


Lmao we never really gonna know since people cant really play in both servers.

But yeah NA east is the most populated server so it only makes sense they have the sweatiest player base.

Its not about US vs EU players are the better…
In the EU basketball isnt popular. Everybody loves football, and plays fifa. So the player pool here is waaaay smaller. Who plays Nba2k here is a basketball lover, or really good in the game. No middle ground, not many casuals.
Top tier players probably come from US still.


Not like Holland play 2k bc they smoke weed UK dont US def is sweat

Yep, there’s much less 2k players on EU servers, much less basketball fans in Europe, so if someone plays this game it’s usually a hardcore player. That’s why the % (not quantity) of good players is higher . I have a friend from Massachusetts who spent 2 years here in Europe and he couldn’t wait to get back home to play “normal people” as he used to say :slight_smile:


100% true… never had an easy matchup in unlimited, and no one ever quits until they are down pretty bad

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People played on both better comment on this, not people played on just one of em. :cold_face:

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1% of people have played on both speculation is all we have

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thats the thing. EU is SWEAT pure!

in holland (The Netherlands) there is no auction house - deffo those player are not comp or using a vpn or something to get the AH what means = SWEAT

That’s is basics in both server the distribution of players can agrupate in a normal distribution of Gauss bell.

Just the quantity of players in USA is much large than in Europe.
I am from Spain and is easy play against the same guy two in a row, specially on pro am.

The sensation of good people is higher because the pool is lower.