Is it just me?

I just got the game and out of three tt online games the lag is really bad… game seems literally unplayable online this year. Previous years i played on xbox one but now im on ps4, other games dont lag this much for me though

delay and lag is incredible but not much worse than any other years


PS4 servers have been garbage this week. Hopefully it gets better but it may just be that time of year?

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It’s not a good time for online right now cant even lie

Probably best to do some offline grinding sad to say

PS4 2K servers are on some nutty stuff

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Im pretty sure its because 2K is free on PS plus this week.

Should get better once all the new players stop playing.

I have experienced little to no lag on NA East I’m ngl

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It’s a mess ! PS4 is hell rn

I haven’t noticed anything different in TTO but I’m on wired connection don’t know if that makes a difference.

This game is pretty much unplayable on WiFi. Switch to hardwire connection and you will notice a dramatic difference.

PS4 is bad for me rn, Xbox is ok for me

I’m hardwired and usually have a relatively clean smooth experience but recently it’s been ugly.

Maybe it’s my system. Got some decluttering I could do that would maybe bolster performance from a foundational standpoint?

I always use hardwired connection and always get good speeds to the ps4 which is smooth for all games except for 2k. Over 4 months playing online 2k20 and it’s always had horrible lag and delay it’s basically unplayable online