Is it just me or shoes suck this year?

Not a lot of variety and some weird combinations for boosts. You think whatever is in the AH is it or there will be new models later on ?

With 2k I expect galaxy opal shoes from special edition shoe only packs that cost 22k vc.
They aren’t that bad it seems like this year they aren’t gonna juice every card with a 90+ 3 ball and perfect stats , seems more realistic at least thus far. I agree some of the combos don’t make sense but it’s 2k lol.

Yah, but you can stack coach+shoe boost and unlike duo bonus it actually works.

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Yeah almost every shoe has a weird combination,we dont even have an all 3pt shoe,rebounding shoe,mid range shoe,dunking shoe

I kind of like it better with it being all mixed up instead of everybody just chasing a few of the same shoes. As long as they keep the gameplay varied where things like a midrange and post game have value, I’m all for some variety. I’m stockpiling anything remotely good for later, I probably have at least 20 pairs. I actually am going to sell some off, I went a little overboard.

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