Is it just me or has 2k gotten boring?

2k has gotten extremely boring ? like once 2k started dropping Opals, its gotten really dull.


That’s every year. Every card plays the same by now.


like every single match i have gotten into plays exactly the same, i see the same lineups, just ugh

true but i dont remember 2k17 or 2k18 being THIS bad in terms of boredom.

I think 2k18 was similar once the PDs started flowing out of packs. About the same time last year too.


every week we get hyped over the same cards with new spray paint…

maybe im just getting old lol

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I played 2k17 the longest. Last year was awful lol

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Once you get the POTM
there is no real goal afterwards.

It genuinely baffles me that there aren’t more game modes on MT. I suppose it’s because they focuse at a lot on MyCareer, Park etc. but there’s so much they could do with MyTeam to make it less dull.


That’s part of why I’ve been playing only with my Sixers squad lately, god squad has no personality.


Seems like this year we get some variety. Last year every lineup was really identical.

And just to elaborate a bit on this here are some things that I believe could be easily implemented if 2K wanted to put in the effort:

Themed tournaments every week (position lock, specific card color, full logo teams etc.)
Draft mode

And most importantly MTU could use a massive overhaul. The return you get for going 12-0 is shocking right now. Maybe a bigger pool of guaranteed reward cards or more packs as rewards… update the rewards every week so people will keep coming back. Right now people just go 12-0 within the first few days and then they play TTO because the rewards are better.

2k thought banning people was some form of punishment. I haven’t been more free. So many other great games to actually play, instead of this clown fiesta.


Its crazy how madden is going through the
same thing the 2k’s community is going through with greedy devs and cheesy gameplay and yet they STILL give MUT a bunch of single player content.

its wild

oh forsure, not playing this game all the time is much much less stress enducing.

still tho, i wish 2K actually had some decent competition

The fact I can’t play because servers (and lag) are so bad is really getting old

this is also a huge thing.

for a company that makes billions, HOW can your servers be this bad… like cmon

I agree 100% about g-squads.

I sold all my players out of boredom :smile:

It’s the servers for me that kill the vibe. Like damn I even ordered a new ethernet cable because my connection can’t be THAT bad…

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