Is it just me or did MyTeam die early?

Is it just me or did MyTeam die early?

Damn man, I’m making a video on what you just said. Everyone’s thoughts broken down to a T!

It just doesn’t feel fun this year.

Thanks bro, I will be watching.

This years is awesome imo. The reward cards don’t suck in so tired of hearing that. They are realistic which is awesome and hopefully the whole year stays realistic and there is a great mix of lesser known/popular players to choose from. Everyone having the exact same team all year is fucking lame. I hope they hold off on the tmacs/Kobe/mj type cards until way late like March. They do need to tone down the blow by though 2k18 had the worst game play because it was too strong

I wish Magic was more PG like and not SF ish

I was very impressed with how realistic my opponents Luke Walton played the other day. Dude hit four contested threes in row. It doesn’t get any more realistic than that.

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I think triple threat offline is lowering my life expectancy right now. I’m folding like a lawn chair after I get Ibaka


GO Dominique can remain a figment of my imagination

I just got mason. I dont know if i have it in me to even get to j will or mason until 2020


Crawford is worth it. He doesn’t even start and I put a diamond swb shoe on him. Carries my bench every game lol

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I’m not complaining about the quality of rewards, it’s that the higher tier rewards are already outclassed by high tier cards being released very early in the cycle.

Stockton, wilt and X man are all far better than anything in the PD reward market. That’s expected after Christmas but not before the season even starts


Already bored ??? This year to avoid this i only play with rewards , i dont buy any player (except for collection and resell) so i push the collection/TT , i do offline challenges , if not it’s resell like a job , buy all best players and … why playing anymore ? For a diamond that will maybe enter the bench … i find it more fun this way , i’m nearly at 1000 cards and that eddie jones will make my day , even if i have broy for the drexler challenge (dont use it , keep it cause i lost the challenge , will retry and resell it)

Hell Amy Kobe is better than everything in the Diamond market.


Blow by animation kinda turned me off from playing myteam until I can buy some decent defensive cards that aren’t crap on offense

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Stockton locks all blow bys up, I tried to with D rose and Jason williams and got locked

That’s not the point though. I’m greening 18 and the only 12 I miss was all white releases. Then the shooting is completely broken

I just dont get why driving is given so much leeway when shooting is that strict

Yea this should be fixed else all people do is drive.

You didn’t even hit a few all white? That doesn’t happen to me. Maybe it’s because you are blowing people out already so the game balance hits

I miss whites consistently. it’s really bad