Is it even worth getting pd jordan or should i save for GO

Whoops you have Jamison starting

give me a list of starting 5 and backup 5, with the cards that i have, I also have pd kaj and kyrie and diamond robinsion on bench not even playing now

Gimme a sec I’ll build your lineup

these are all my cards with my main lineup i sent u

Upgrade Giannis, find someone you like to replace Kuzma

i only have diamond giannis is that ok

Upgrade him it’s worth it

thats the issue i cant afford i play on pc PD giannis is over a million mt, and also whos worth replacing kuzma with

1million MT is like $10 on PC, buy some MT bro. If you can’t then just settle with the diamond but I would switch David Robinson and Giannis then. Kuzma replacements might be out of your budget based on what you have said.

Im prolly worth using pd kuzma over diamond giannis for now right ? also u think i should just sell Jokic hes not worth keeping ?

Nah he’s undersized and his shot is slow but if hes good for you, keep him :slight_smile:

so i should sell pd jokic, KAJ, siakam, and kyrie

? sell my others ?

i always sell players im not using, unless you are going for collector awards.

o last think i also have pd pippen with a diamond shoe the good one. You think i should be using him or sell him ?

if you aren’t usng him why keep him? Wait a week though, market crashed because of GO Jordan

u gonna get go jordan or pd jordan