Is it even worth getting pd jordan or should i save for GO

Is the GO that much better

The GO is the second best card in the game stats wise

u think hes worth trying to get this is my team

I also have pd jamison, siakam and irving and pd KAJ

I would upgrade other players imo

Thats why i linked my team. Whats changes you think i should make.

Alot of us are at the same spot.

Hof Dimer
Hof Limitless
HOF Tireless Scorer

95 3ball

Better playmaking,shooting and rebounding as well. The GO is a god but only if I get him at my price.

Oden is better than Shaq and cheaper too
Replace Kuzma with Pd melo he’s a beast

melo way 2 much, and shaq i got for cheap. Pretty sure shaq is a much better rebounder

Move porzingod to bench C and put Antwan at pf

You are killing yourself with space on the floor, an off baller will just leave shaq if he’s anywhere outside the paint

Just my two cents

what u mean a team playing small ball would destroy me your saying ? offensive offball or defensive offball i dont get what your saying ?

I said nothing about small ball, their center can help off shaq cuz he can’t shoot which makes the court smaller for you

so its better to use a center that can shoot ?

In my opinion yes, Oden has a spot on my god squad. He’s pretty much shaq with a 3 pointer

Absolutely .

Even Oden has to be respected out there.

You have KP, Drob and Jokic all can shoot.

Flip Shaq imo.

ok so if i move kp 2 center who do i put as my backup PF or SF

Shaq/Jokic a nasty combo off the bench.

Jamison SF, Giannis PF

i thought u just told me to put jamison in my starting PF spot