Is it even possible to get Mike Miller?

Seriously, what the hell is with this bottom right corner? The propeller thing is literally going the OPPOSITE way. Is this 2k trolling or are they just that stupid to not fix this?

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Yes. Keep trying

i don’t even see him on my boards

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didn’t get miller but at least i capped off a 10-0 with a nice diamond darrell griffith

I havent even seen him. Imo he should be on every board in those middle games. I mean what kind of treat is it that you cant even see 90% of the time. WTF.

Also Agree the bottom corners are brutal. Very very small chance to hit that.

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@rrrradu1 got him I think


Drop it right in the middle I be getting the corners that way sometimes

i got lucky and got him and after that i saw him on the boards one more time ever since so he’s pretty rare and pretty hard to fall on

Just got lucky and got him.

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I still have TTO challenges to do so I’m playing, but I really don’t expect it haha

All luck.

Ran into this on my path to Miller. He quit as soon as the game loaded. He must remember me from last year lol

Haven’t seen Miller in 5 boards btw. I’m done


Saw Miller once, but couldn’t get him. Muresan doesn’t exist

Seem 3 times and couldn’t get him because he’s in a terrible spot. I hate 2K

He quit. What a puss. What is the point of having those cards if he is afraid to play people

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Pretty sure he has a mil followers on YouTube aswell lmao best cards in the game too :yawning_face:

Muresan exists…I just pulled him!


2K needs to fix this board. Its broken.