Is it crazy to think

That your previous 2K history profile affects your pack luck for the new cycle. We all know new players got crazy pack luck when they start. Y’all think 2K carries over your previous years spending to determine your algorithm to kind of gauge your spending capacity?

Thinking of starting 2k20 on an entirely new profile

Don’t know about it carrying over year-to-year, but I’m pretty sure that your initial pack odds are juiced if you mostly play mycareer/myleague/park/etc then try out myteam

I don’t think so. I’ve been playing since my team first started and always have insane pack luck not just in 2k either in mlb the show and madden also. But I don’t spend money on currencies I make my stack sniping. I also only use Mt to open packs. From my experience opening packs you have better odds of pulling good cards when other people are also pulling packs. Usually the best times to pull for me is the first 2 or so hours after packs drop, during Vc sales or on fridays between 6pm-12am est when east coast and west coast people are getting home on payday and buying vc to rip packs.

Id believe it my boy 2 years ago who never played myteam pull that limited Klay Thompson the one that had only 52 cards available

I had absurd odds in '19. They about to be ultra-mega-ass this year.

yeah pack luck is all about the algorithm they placed. ( obviously higher for content creators).

Spending more then 30 millions mt on packs this year and always when i open last 2-3 pack i get a prime card. 100% algoritm. 2k cazino))

I mean think about it. They already are doing the special promos for people who barely log in to my team. Im sure doing a profile on you and how much you spend isnt far off thought.

Hell then waiting till later to purchase the game should give me astronomical odds! Lol

Doubt it