Is it considered cheese to make on ball steal attempts when your opponent attempts a dribble move?

I play on ball defense and have gotten pretty good at timing dribble moves and stealing the ball. There are only a handful of dribble moves and most guys will use the same pattern of dribble moves.

For instance a lot of guys will sprint full speed up the court and do the Giannis massive cross around mid court. So I’ve gotten good at kind of standing stil and attempting the steal at the perfect time. The momentum cross can be stolen when they pop back and there is an art to it.

I only attempt a steal when I am in a good position. I’ll also attempt to strip layup animations.

Played a few people recently that messaged me about spamming steal because I get 5-10 a game against bad to mediocre players. Against good players they know how to avoid losing the ball.

Question am I cheesing? Is this the same as zig zagging and off balling etc? The guys complaining were all off ballers.

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Nah it isn’t cheese. One of my buddies I play has the timing down it and drives me crazy playing him but I definitely wouldn’t call it cheese.

The only real steal cheese is just spamming it off a defensive rebound.

Man don’t sweat it, bad players always find something to cry about. If I see someone stealing lots of ball I will look closely into it
A. To avoid getting stripped duh…
B. To get better at stealing as that is one major aspect that I am not very good at

Only time I think stealing is cheese if you full court press and deny everybody or play close and only play off ball for the passing lanes.

The steal cheese is when you have a rebound and the opponent spam Square to steal the ball or even the bump steal when you bring the ball down the court

That’s a problem in my career but not so much in myteam as it often leads to fouls imo.
Steals with Lockdown defenders in Park etc is ridiculous though, they can just spam that fkn button and get Away with anything

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It’s a problem with the sliders on My Team more than anything. On HOF settings for example, it is a foul 90%+ of the time if you reach for a steal against a decent ballhandler or even after a rebound, so just becomes a very bad strategy to even attempt it.

If you’re asking whether that happens in real basketball…no of course not…woudl be hilarious watching CP3 just sit in defensive stance swiping at the ball 7 times per possession haha


I wouldn’t consider it cheese, but if I ever see someone chaining together some good dribble combinations like mine, then I don’t reach. Other than that I have no problem with it.

I got Payton just to do this :nerd_face:

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Even in my team I’ve learned to not move for a couple seconds after a rebound.

no cheese
its the perfect time imho.
and if you reach at this perfect time, its skill
thats my point of view

its the same in park
skilled and experienced players know when to reach for steals
skilled and experienced players dont spam steal button… they know the moment the chances are high.

and the best moments are this moments you described

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After every rebound i press L2 to protect the ball, when running a play i press L2, when i cross to my opponents half first thing i do is pressing L2.

Reaching for steals is not cheesy, but bump steals drive me crazy so i learned to use L2 a lot.

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Also if you have a defender trailing you, you can use L2 to go into a bit of a crab dribble and hold him behind you. It helps me protect the ball a lot in certain situations.

Cheesing is the most overused irrelevant term imo and who cares if your doing it are you playing to impress people on 2kgamer or are you playing to have fun .cheesing is the word people use when they’re losing . “Oh he shot more threes then me he’s cheesing “

“I can’t go 12-0 , if everyone wasn’t cheesing I would win everygame”

“You can’t use a screen that’s cheese man, why don’t you play sim ball like me “

“Pick and fade is cheesy I can’t guard the roller man “

“you first went left , then you went RIGHT that’s a zig zag your cheesing man ,you gotta let me know where your going “

IMO your a just a skilled on ball defender the rest is irrelevant


Are you able to steal from zig zaggers if you’re not using lockdown like Scottie or Magic?
Because I can’t.
And it frustrates me that my opponents can offball and their Ray Allen strips me 75% of the time I’m trying to combo up.

lol hell no it’s not cheese. stealing the ball is cheese?? I’ve heard it all now.

Most guys will do a crossover behind the screen. You can have some success stripping the ball right as they begin their cross. Just show hard in front of the screener and go for the strip as they begin their crossover. In this scenario you do end up reaching more because you have to guess and you are fighting through the screen.

Against the guys that just walk back and forth it’s the same thing. Just have to time it right so you reach at the ball when it hits the floor in front of them when they are zig zagging.