Is investing on Moments Cards a good idea?

Planning to snipe like 2-3 Kemba Walker cards to flip it when it is no longer in packs.

Is it a good idea? Or the upcoming crash would affect his price?

It has no token or reward value. I wouldnt invest in moments cards, when new cards come out they always plummet man. Unless its a bron or an all star then maybe.



If nothing has changed with Moment cards then that card will stay in packs forever. Maybe it drops out when Kemba gets a diamond moments, but that cant your sniping tactic, unless you wanna go broke faster than MC Hammer…

According to the MyTeam twitter: “Reminder that Moments cards are available for 72 hours in Heat Check and League Moments packs… These cards will be out of packs Monday 1pm :alarm_clock:

Seems like a big change from last year, no?

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IT dosent matter, barely any cards do go up drastically in value when they’re out, except few rare ones. Card must be part of set/very desirable for one or another reason to go up, so he wont go up in value. We’re also getting another anniversary card next week (most likely Blake) which will crash the market, which can make his value go down, rather then up.

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Oh ok, i am not on twitter since y’all hook me up with the locker codes… So that makes moments pretty rare huh?
I assume they will drop moments packs and boxes at some point though, But we will See.

IF yall need investment advice go buy Heat Check Giannis, wait till he turns into one, which might even be in 3+ hours, and then sell for 20k+ profit, ez money. This Kemba can rise how much? Look At Baron Davis, his a better card (for me at least) and his 35k ish, these cards do have certain value, because they compete with same tier cards of theirs, why would Kemba go up above Kyrie (much more popular card+set card) and etc, just think thru, there arent many Kemba’s fans, hence why his price right now is only dropping.

I got an AD for 50k and sold for 77k. This heat check process works, however, have to be careful what card as they might get a moments card which is better then the heat check

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People only care about best heat checks cards, so investing in less relevant ones wont net much.

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Leonard is like 53k or so on xbox, he might go up 70k ish tho, just to keep an eye if anyone looking for some profit

I second this as a spurs fan. Leonard out to prove hes the best player in the league this year. Dude is healthy.

Moments cards, especially unpopular ones, will be a very bad investment. Kemba will likely be under 10k by next month.


I would say, investing in some cheaper moments isnt bad, if you have a patience. There will be point when people will need every card to go for a CWebb/JR/Giannis. But dont expect a massive profit. Maybe just buy one of each for the future.