Is Iguodala crashing or what

Just say like 15 BINs as low as 81k

Hes flying out of packs right now

I just got mine for 77k what a snipe! (for now), the rest i see on xbox are around 89-93k

Ughh. Ripped 3 20 pack boxes and got none of the new players.

Can’t decide if I should buy this iggy. His defense seems unbelievable.

a 6’6 defensive stalwart that cant bang open 3’s poster people and lockdown a teams best player 1-3 (and some 4’s) yeah I had to cop him… im just lucky i got him for a measley 77k… i cant believe people were paying insane amounts of MT for a card like JR smith when we knew this was gonna happen…

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Same is gonna happen to Iggy as well :kissing_heart: That’s how it works.

I pick up Iggy for 90. Can this guy is fun.

Does Iggy have any HOF badges? I’ve got JR and Melo as my primary scorers but Iggy sounds great as a 2nd/3rd option on offense and my primary perimeter defender

He doesnt. No diamonds other than finley do and i think thats how it may stay. But his release is so easy to green and he could definitely play PG with his dribble moves, theyre very fluid. A BC shoe would make him a god


HOF badges don’t faze me too much if other diamonds dont come out like last years with 16 of them. I might have to cop, he may be the guy to shift Pippen to the bench

He is your cure to oversized PGs or SF’s at PG