Is Iggy a BIN card?

I pulled him and could use the MT. Am I wasting MT if I put him up for 100k BIN? Everything else is auctions starting at 100k

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If you put him up now you’d have like a 90 minute window where he’d be the only one available maybe someone would bid more. I’m not sure though he seems like a bin card.

Edit— ps4

How many packs in were you? I pulled a few with MT and got Stockton.

I’m having the same dilemma with Steve Nash. I just pulled Nash. Should I just sell him at under 100k or put him on one of those 4 hour windows? @element @Ryan

I definitely would not pay 100k for him but that’s just me

Yeah I’ll just cash in on him quickly. I’ll put him for 90k or something

I ended up putting him for 100k and it sold immediately

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No contracts or shoes. He’s a 95 with limited offense… who’s gonna pay that?

100k bid for Nash, 12 hours. Not many people will be pulling overnight and both eastern and western countries can bid.

A Nash sold for 300k earlier.

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Are there many up now? Did 2k turn on the faucet?

Too late I just sold him for 89k… :expressionless::sweat_smile:… took about 3 seconds for him to sell @Ryan

Y’all are wild. These cards pull-rates are SO low. 100k bid!!!

How many packs to pull him?

Wow and someone reposted the same Nash I sold. My card exact contracts and shoes for the same price right after buying. He must have knew he messed up lol

Interesting. Really? Are there a ton up?

Like 25 and I pulled him in a single pack with vc

There’s 7 up but no one is bidding on them. One at 100k no bid with 15 minutes left

Ohh I’m a pazzo then. Lol. I guess they opened the faucets somewhat. How many Kyries?

They’re rare but that doesn’t mean anyone willing to pay 100k+