Is HOF steady shooter really that bad on current gen?

I really want this invincibles tmac card, but him having HOF steady is a slight turn off.
Also really wanted a DM siakam but this one also has steady shooter.
Is the badge really that bad on current?

You’ll be fine man.


My best advice would be to get opal bird, try him out a couple of games and see how you feel about shooting with hof steady


I’ll definately give that a go, thanks!

Its doesn’t matter. After i got GO buddy hield his shooting felt exactly the same as the Diamond one. The GO buddy has gold steady


I’m a bad shooter which I think means it actually helps me :joy:

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Steady didn’t hurt DM T-Mac or level 40 Kawhi.

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Didn’t a guy lose the 250k tourney because of Steady? Lol

Absolutely not, he lost because Ty outplayed him badly, I seriously hope Splash didn’t use that as an excuse.

Pretty sure that was what I saw around, he had a Kawhi with sharp take and didn’t green a 3 which could have swung game 2 (I believe, someone can correct me). He said it was because of steady

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No watch the videos, Ty boxed him repeatedly and forced him into bad shots. Ty won with defense and virtually the same cards and probably win anytime they play a best of series. Splash showed his immaturity too with his antics on his face cam. I believe if he didn’t sit the controller down and walk off mad so many times and kept his emotions in check he might’ve won.

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Bro I’m not arguing that Ty didn’t beat him lol. Just that Splash was pissed about Steady on Kawhi

Oh okay, I thought he said that steady lost him the game. All good both are great but Ty is just the best on current gen.

My TJ Warren, Pascal, Klay, Batum all have Steady shooter and it has not cost me a game in unlimited


I tried Larry bird who has steady in a tt offline game and it didn’t seem to make a difference.
I think I’ll just pick up this siakam, he looks really good!

The hype is overblown. People told me not to get TJ Warren but he’s one of my most green shooters


Yeah my opinion has definitely changed about steady since I came here, I used to avoid cards with it at all costs unless it was a card like level 40 Kawhi but now I see it’s actually a plus for a guy like me who prefers a contested shot boost and can live with a 5% penalty on open shots that should be green most of the time anyway. Plus I had no issues with it on Kawhi or DM T-Mac at all.

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I def think it’s worth having on PG or SG, I make so many contested shots with JR smith. Wondering if I should put it on klay and resell him or wait and put it on luka

Happy to see the steady narrative is slowly shifting

It’s placebo effect with a lot of people, I think

I feel like steady has nothing to do with the amount you green on current, but I also feel like I miss every white with it. It is honestly up to you.