Is heat check Giannis activated

I’m at work just curious if he is and if he is can someone post how he looks

Nope, not on xbox atleast

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Not for me he isn’t.

Damnit. We should comment on this each time Giannis has a big game or something so we know that way we know. I need it because I’m gonna be trying to flip him for a good amount when his card activates since i currently have him rn

Damn what’s he gotta do then

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Score 100 points 56 rebounds and 33 assists lmao. But seriously they don’t want us getting him to an expensive price

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Yeah they’re on bs with this one.

when he does how much you figure he going to go for? I figure at least i can make 50-60 k or more from him getting an upgrade

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Giannis is a 93 hc

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93? must of went up then?! awesome

it did a friend sent a photo but price looks lower

Activated. 93.

Honestly, given his stats, he should be just lit up all year like I’m a lazy guy with a Christmas tree.


Oh snap were live. Time for a test drive.

I did this last year, shit was up til May.


Yeah he’s nasty lmao