Is GO Giannis even an option for me?

Do you think its possible? I got 1,414 cards and about 3.8mil MT. I can get close to 5mil if I sell half my squad.

Heres what I need: Heat checks are expensive as hell and I need them the most but I can start ripping heat check boxes through mrs V.

Heat 311
Moments 175
TB 198
TB Elite 125
Unis 86
misc 75
premium 90

Thats about 2,490 all together, I can unlock more token players and FAs too and they’ll be more cards everyday. Do you think its worth it or do I not have enough MT to even get close?

Honestly just wait playoffs giannis


MVP Giannis is coming and he will be pullable.

Thats what my plan was but if I can pull off Giannis and sell back within a month hes “free”

the time & effort spent is far from free

you’re a hellish time away from go giannis, but if you really want him then follow your heart

I want him but I’m logical enough to know if its too out of reach to wait for the 98 MVP card. Im just not sure if I can even get close with where Im at

Bro I’m wondering the same thing. I want him but I don’t know if I should bother.

Id hate to reach like CWebb who wouldnt make my team, and be broke as fuck and regret it and have to sell back at a loss lol

I got about 50 away from JR with 14 TB teams untouched and a bunch of TBEs left to buy but I sold back a little. JR won’t even make the team right now and I don’t even know if I’ll even get Giannis before I stop playing and/or by the time they release a playoff/MVP one

Same here. I think I’m gonna hold off. It sucks that even if Giannis has a good playoff game that he’ll get one of those weak moment cards that we’ve had all year

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dont do it cuh

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You should be able to pull it off no problem. Speaking from experience and everything is way cheaper now.

even with only 5mil?

JR is still one of my best cards and I have almost everyone.

Do we expect these superpack to be permanent?

theres no timer so Im assuming yes

Then the chamces of getting it with 5 mill might be possible. U could get to 2250 for a couple mill, its the rest that will kill. Im 250 away from giannis and only 500k mt but if i get some good pulls this weekend, i just might be able to get him over the next couple weeks. Its hard to fully commit to only fall short

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I’ve never had this much MT and I got him before this huge crash. Have you done schedules and domination?

250 away… whats the cheapest card you can afford rn on the AH?

dom yea, schedules no. I wouldnt need any FAs if I got every card. its the heat checks that look like the worst