Is giannis really worth the hype

I’ve been looking at this card and changing my mind if I really want it or not. I have 300k and a pd Blake, I know it’s either Blake or giannis and I’m having a real tough time deciding. Blake has been nothing but an asset for me, everything I do with him works, but at the same time I know giannis is a glitch and his animations are something else. I know most people would say giannis over Blake any day but serious and realistic opinions? I really can’t decide lmao

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They are both gods.

I’d say get giannis if your team has shooting, he will carry your team. blake if your team needs more of a conventional stretch who can score anywhere.

Get Him He is The Best Player As of the Moment. I have them Both I can say that Giannis is Better, faster release too than blake.

I have both. Giannis attacks the rim better and knock down 3 well but so does Blake. They play a similar style Giannis just has the length.

It’s super tough for me cuz I really like playing back to the Basket with Blake and throwing it to an open shooter when they inevitably double, but then again even with the Amy giannis it’s so easy to get to the rim and finish. I just can’t decide which I want more. I really wish I could have both but it’s either sell Blake or sell every single card that’s not blake

Give it a week or so and play some TTO online. You should have 400k and he might be around 350 by then.

Giannis is the best card in the game. I’ve pulled every pd and sold them. I made the mistake of using Giannnis and cant bring myself to sell him now. hes that good. If he goes over 800k then I may contemplate it. This dude is amazing and damn near unguardable at this point. Get him you wont regret it. There will be more power forwards but this will probably be the only PD Giannis we get other than the GO unless he wins mvp.

I haven’t actually really play TTO just cuz for some weird reason I always thought I’d have a terrible time playing online in any 2K. But I just played a few with my Blake shaq and melo and best 2 people less then 5 mins lol maybe I should play this more

giannis is so OP my favourite move is running down the floor and quickly flick the right stick to the off hand he does this quick cross over and boom just dunk on whoever is inside the paint. His dunk animations are quick that its hard to block

Legit chance his value doesn’t even go down.

hes 350k on xbox probably thats the cheapest hellg o

btw this PD Giannis has 90 Intangibles according to 2kmtc.
So does anybody know what does it mean and isn’t it an issue?

the lower the intangibles the better according to dbg. like kirilenko hes got 4.1k stats and hes only a 95 diamond. they lowered his intangibles so he can become 95 diamond only. its a way to play around tiers of the cards

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Kirilenko is a pd with no hof badges :slight_smile:


I’m so happy I don’t need to sacrifice anyone to get Giannis. I just wish I hadn’t wasted 50 EUR on the rigged packs prior to buying him from AH.

Im kinda torn as well. I absolutely destroy ppl w giannis hc card. Id have to give up magic if i wanted pd giannis and i dont kno if i wanna do that?

Giannis is cheese af. He’s so fun to play with lmao…dropped 26 with him in the first quarter of a game yesterday

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I really didn’t wanna give in to the hype, but I sold Kobe, Shaq, LeBron, and Kareem to get him (and trust me I didn’t want to, it was a tough decision). Kept Magic. But so far he’s definitely been worth the near 400k. Had a triple double in my first game with him and that’s my first triple double of the 2k19.


Yes. You can make a ton of MT from just selling the cards you get for TTO. And you can pull a good Diamond Shoe, i pulled 4 shoes in a week(Foams,Red Kobes,White Kobe and Red Jordans) and the total for selling all 4 was 150k.

Don’t do it mate.

Magic is still a better card, in terms to influence of your team.
Giannis is great of course, but to be (most) effective he needs a ball in his hand.
He’s ball control is not great- this card is not a PG Giannis from last year -against good opponents he’ll lose a ball often.
So at PG Magic is far better (playmaking stats +HoF Dimer).

Two other oiptions are a no go imo-400k card on tha bench or in the SF spot, standing in the corner.

PF is his position, and his great there,but not for a cost of losing Magic.

A lot people saying that it will be his best auctionable card.
I can bet for 1mil MT that it’ll not.
He’s a cover athlete, MVP candidate, 2k’s money making machine and doing crazy stats in a daily basis.
He will soon get a comparable Diamond and then PD card.

However, if you have MT for both, go for it as a mismatch they both create is unreal.