Is Giannis even in packs?

Opened so many packs, got nothing. The only people I know who have him, bought him off the AH. I haven’t seen a single Youtuber pull him either… seems awfully fishy. LMK if you know someone who’s actually pulled him.

uh theres screenshots of him being pulled

I know the rates are ass though

I don’t think many here pulled him

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The only thing most people pulled is a whack.


I believe he’s in packs, at least a few. But I also believe that 2k has a master plan in effect. Ban all of the MT buyers to scare the shit out of them, nerf the shit out of the packs, manipulate the shit out of the auction house on a whole new level, and then rake in massive profits. This company is beginning to be as bad as politicians… and I’m sure it will only continue to get worse and worse.


hes in packs. I’ve pulled him twice. Once with VC

and the second was Amy Giannis but it was a Gianiss pack lolololol

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I swear any :gem: that get put up for 500MT get “brought” by 2k

No one will believe me but I pulled 3 of them. Sold 2 kept the other 1

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I pulled him in about 70 packs (VC and MT)

How many packs/boxes?

2 10s and a lot of singles… glitched up to 200kvc then pulled him first box then nothing in 2nd box then I got him in a single with mt and then later that day I got another one in a single with mt

I hate you lol

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I ripped close to 60 packs using VC and MT without even a Gasol. I sniped a Magic last night and theres a darkness within me wanting to spend the profit on more Giannis packs.


Don’t do it

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You have every right too​:joy::joy:

do it man. could be a big L or a big W

Bro don’t do it

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Or just flip another Magic and you can buy him

Opened 2x 20 box first hour packs dropped. Pulled 1 Giannis 1 Hedo and 38 quick sell players. Opened like 160 packs for magic and never got him. Longer from pack drop = worse %. Works like this since i first started to play myteam in 2k15. Best to stack up vc/mt and open in first hour. Same goes for moments cards.


I opened 2 at the around the same time you did. I got Gasol. I opened 2 more later that night. 1 10 and a 20 and got him in the 10. I seem to have better luck later in the day.

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