Is Elgin Baylor being overlooked?

4299 attribute points and 8 HOF badges… I’m surprised I don’t see more Baylors around.

And ‘meh’ height, lackluster dribbling animations, and next to no fan appeal.

He’s not being overlooked. While still a great card, he’s a prime example of ‘On-Paper’ attributes aren’t everything.

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Great all around. But…

  • 6’5
  • No hof def stopper / drd or limitless / dimer so not elite badges
  • no 3pt plays
  • this generation want current or at least 90’s stars

He’s definitely overlooked. Perfect animations when attacking the basket with dunks or layups, strong as hell, and rebounds and defends well above his height. Mine has the Curry Lows that boost 3pt and speed with ball, as well as gold 3pt shooting badges. He does a little bit of everything and doesn’t have any true weaknesses.


I agree with the height, but his dribbling moves are great for attacking the rim. I haven’t used a player that dunks so hard… Other than Grant Hill.

  • his haircut is terrible lolol

He was great for me, if I didn’t downgrade my squad I’d still be using him.

Nah his dribble moves hold him back from being elite, and those rebounding attributes dont matter.

His dribbling moves are alright, it’s just that compared to the plethora of other Diamond backcourt players, they’re lackluster at bet. This is basically the case with every players 2K, pre 90s era. They all have stiff, outdated dribbling animations.

Def overlooked, he dunks as good as anyone, nice release, post moves for days if you like wings to have a post game like me and hof rebounding, grabs them like rodman, can even small ball and run him at the 4, height doesn’t bother me, Wes has been one of my best players all year and he’s a 67 centre

I think he’s overlooked.

Ridiculous stats - can do a bit of everything
Incredible at finishing at the rim or drawing fouls - dunk animations are as good as anyone’s
Can hit open shots

Undersized for listed position
Weak dribble animations mean he isn’t great at creating for himself
No 3 point plays

He should probably be used as your PG or SG next to your primary creator, defending opposing 1s or 2s. I’ve used him at SF and it could be worse but seems sub-optimal. He’s not someone you want to run your offense through, but if you freestyle a lot, the lack of 3 point plays won’t be an issue. I have a few iso plays for him I mix into my offense. Get him the ball in transition or when a play breaks down - if you’re running low on the shot clock, just drive to the rim with him and inevitably you’ll draw a foul or he’ll convert with a ridiculous animation.