Is Eddy Curry really the best C in the game?

I’ve been dropping some major MT on my centers so far this year but I can’t help but notice the hype around this PD card. Was never a huge Eddy Curry fan IRL either so don’t know much about his game. I’ve been trying to get that 12-0 this month but have been struggling. Is the general consensus, that he’s the best out there to help get 12-0?

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He is a very good all around center. When I went on my 12-0 run, he would drop 15 points and at least 10 boards each game. Dude’s a beast for some reason

He is not the best but he’s top 5 for sure

I tried him this weekend. I’m a beliver. He’s up there with the best budget center that I’ve tried this year next to Dino. Beast PNR player

Put a Gold 3pt swb and BC control on him if you like to sauce. He glides around the court like Shaq

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Eddy Curry is god


He’s stupidly good, especially considering how much of a joke his NBA career was.


and with dantoni and pro bounce. u get mfing slasher takeover



I don’t want to stick those on him but that sounds great

He has a guard jumper so he’s above a good amount of Cs

I despise this card. Always giving me problems

Best PD center for sure


but october prime 1 wilt chamberlain😭

maybe but he for sure has the best jumpshot of all centers


Don’t worry, I won’t replace the big joker just yet! I’m still learning his post fade release but I’m having a lot of fun with him. He’s really shifty. I wish the nuggets had some cooler home jerseys

make customs!!! never did it last year bc it seemed like so much work but this year ive had space jam jerseys, kobes custom city jerseys he made, and jean shorts + tshirts for bulls and lakers

They have the best away jerseys in the game with their black ones but yeah their home selection isn’t all that great lol

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For sure! That’s what I’m using now. What’s your squad look like btw? You just surround Jokic with shooters?

Honestly the better all around , the best shooter of them all and super athletic too


Usually Jokic is surrounded by Ben, T Mac, MPJ, Odom. Just sold Odom though and gonna replace him with Giannis and run a lot of Giannis/Joker action from the 4/5 and see if other teams bigs can hang defending them

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