Is Earl Monroe good?

Got lucky and got him for 30k, Judging by stats he looks great and has good badging but i’m doing fine with Stephon and Armstrong rn

Should i sell him or keep him in the lineup ?

If you like the guys you got, then sell him.You might as well make a nice profit, no need to harbor such a high opportunity cost just to replace production.


this is true. i’ll keep him for now and see how he plays out

If you’re going for the tokens and completing his set, then 30k is a steal in the long run… if not, he’s solid profit on the AH, and you can use him guilt free for a while.

He reminds me a lot of diamond Charlie Scott from last year… a solid, but not exceptional, point guard that will be replaced when more PGs drop.

He’s good I’m using him now.

He’s amazing. Slash god Earl.