Is Durant on TTO boards ? Keep hearing this

Is this true ??? Keep hearing it in streams

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I heard it on here but nothing at all on Twitter yet. If true though Kobe grind might have to wait

Pretty sure he is

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Any pics on twitter ?

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Even if he is you should knowyour luck in actually seeing these cards… I feel like it’s literally the same as the luck if you actually pulled packs to get him


Anyone actually see him yet? If so let us know. Haven’t been on or seen anything on twitter

Trying to but I’ve been on this 4 ball drop for 10 minutes :man_facepalming:


I have a feeling it isn’t real…

I’m hoping it is but idk…

Servers are so bad now too so idk

Cleared a full board and haven’t seen him

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I cleared like 15 tmac boards and didn’t see a pd lol


Yeah same, just letting you know what I’ve seen so far

Nothing yet ?

I finished all boards 3 times. I havent seen anything new.

Definitely some fake news

There are Prime KD packs on the board . Maybe that’s what they mean. I’ve been getting em since last night

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I haven’t seen one yet but I’m seeing other ones a lot more…

I def think 2K’s gonna be dropping these other cards soon

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I have not seen him or simmons packs at all lol.

Damn. Good thing im grinding for Hakeem and Kobe now lol

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I had enough TTO during Tmac weekend

“Damnit these nerds already have Kobe. Let’s put KD into TTO with a 0.0003% chance to distract them”