Is Draymond worth locking in?

I hate to lock in players but I kinda love nash and webber is always an asset. But is it worth giving up potential mt to lock these guys in for green?

If you’re going for Dr J like i am then maybe. Otherwise no. Even if you are going for Dr J, better and cheaper cards will come out.

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I think locking this early is a big mistake

They always release a Nash and CWebb early in the cycle and give them wayyyy better cards later. These cards won’t even be in your lineup in less than a month

Oops. Found previous post where they say draymond is sick. Just bought smh. Oh well. Hope I love it. I do love nash and webber tho

MT is dirt cheap, lock him in and have fun. It’s like $20-30 bucks, won’t matter in a month anyway


Yeah that’s cool, but I’m looking at it from a nms perspective

I feel it, if he’s asking should he lock…he’s spending money lol. I wouldn’t pay to open no packs tho

If you are running plays as your pf is the last passer or the shooter, he is. He can hit contested 3s as well, can have sharp takeover. Great defender, obviously. I like having him on my team for now.

Locking is always a loss. There are only 1 or 2 cards every year that really worth locking. All the rest go to trashcan sooner or later. You never know when he’ll be outdated, lock and hope he can last 1 month. You gotta lock cards being aware of this all the time.

If Draymond was auctionable, he’d be down to 100k already.

The set is too redundant, you could argue Floyd and Doc are just as good as Nash if not better due to their defensive capabilities.

And there’s very little Draymond offers which Webber for 85k doesn’t, it’s a bad set to lock in for 200k bc all the players run the same 2 positions.

I would only lock if either Draymond, webber or nash are in top 3 favorite myteam cards at their position, if not? Then don’t, I locked Klay last year like 2 months after he came out because I pulled arenas in a pack and already had ray allen, Klay and Durant was on my team for a min because they are in my top 3 shooting guards I would use in myteam and small forwards I would use in myteam

because of Doctor J, if not i will not locked him

I run Draymond at center and Webber at backup center, but at PF next to Draymond in the 4th. Nash after badging is a beast on defense and the best shooting PG in the game imo.

Draymond with all that he offers definitely wouldn’t only be bin if he was auctionable.

These numbers were against Zo, Kareem, and KP at center and my opponent switched :gem: PG onto Nash from the jump.

Every single card goes to BIN after 2 days of hype, with very rare exceptions (like Tmac) and Draymond def ain’t it.

It’s cool that you like the set bc it’s already locked in, but anyone that knows what they’re doing could just drop-step and dunk on undersized Draymond or Webber at center with Ruby Shaq let alone Wilt and all the OP big men 2k will release 2x a week going forward.

So…Lamar Odom is BIN? How about Ben Wallace?

The answer is no. Ben Wallace only because he’s the gatekeeper to Payton, but still. Play me in a friendly later and let’s see you drop step and dunk on my Draymond. Even if you’re successful some of the time…good luck stopping Draymond with your slow ass center. Draymond also has HoF dimer for the kick out to the open shooters.

Hmu if you want smoke!

Edit: Shit you’re Xbox…


He’ll be top tier for probably 2 weeks and probably “usable” for give or take month. If you are nms, rewards this early generally aren’t. At least do yourself a favor a see what comes out today.

Those are cards needed for sets that are out of packs, no one wanted Ben Wallace’s trash card when he was 80k and not selling.

It’s a video game, chill. Draymond isn’t your dad that you gotta get all sensitive over literally everyone in multiple threads saying he and Nash are gonna be obselete in 2 weeks.

They probably will be in two weeks, but they’re worth it now. MT is $4 100k, so no big deal.

Nobody was “getting sensitive” about what “everyone” was saying. I just wanted to give you a chance to back up what YOU were saying. Lmao

Card being bin or not, usually depend on rarity or being a gatekeeper, not how good it is lol. Dino Radja was bin last year, was he bad ? :cold_face: Dray is the best pf in the game right now.

Who locks in a set in September ?