Is Doug West A Scam? (Anybody gotten him in the last 48hrs

I’m constantly seeing people saying they haven’t gotten him. He leaves the vault tomorrow.

I myself have played hundreds of games without getting Mr. West.

So tell me wtf is up?

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I got him yesterday but I’m 480 games in 500 mt is what I usually get

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I’ve seen people post about playing 500 games and not getting either guy… total luck and on the flip side I’ve seen people play 5 games and get him

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I usually just get the 500mt reward.

I definitely exaggerated the number of games I played but anything over 100 in a month should guarantee you this dude.

I mean I probably won’t even use him.

Just want him for the collection

I guess there is some hope 1 person has gotten him recently

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Yeah definitely surprised me the odds of actually opening the vault let alone get him is low. I got three openings in a row and he was the third prize I received

The odds are terrible on the vault.

I was starting to wait for agenda days to play.

But, then noticed I only had a couple of days before the reward changes.

Out of 700+ games I got him 3 times


Fuck, I’m around win #800 and haven’t seen him once…

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I got him days ago, since then been playing nonstop upgrading McDaniel opened the vault a good 20 times didn’t get him again. He’s actually pretty solid

I am at 800 wins and haven’t received either player

Odds are just bad, I went 500+ games without Hagan then got West a few days after he came out at around game 800

I gave up on the vault all together. If it opens the best I get is 500mt

lmao I got him and Hagan 3 times

Haven’t gotten either, but I’m only 160 wins in

Took me like 300 games to get him

All of the diamond vault players are a scam in my experience, but I’ve had a hard time getting into TTOffline. I only have 100 wins or so. Best reward was a pack with sapphire porzingod.

got him yesterday


It’s just like being a Knicks fan opening that vault.

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No Douggie for me. Only played about 30 games tho and opened the vault maybe 5 times