Is dion still on tto

is dion still available

Yes he is. Per shake like 3 hours ago

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I feel like it’s a lie, playing mynspotlights and every game in between i go into a tto game and srill havnt seen him… about 30 games total lol, gg to anyone who has him show up

Pretty sure hes still on the boards

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Got him around 1am eastern time. He only shows up on 4/5 ball drops from what I’ve heard. Both times I’ve seen him he’s been in green (bottom corner) spots.


Gonna play all week while I wait for Santa, see which one shows up first

Nah question is Dion still in the nba ?

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Technically he’s still in on the heat… technically, just up news stories on him this year alone if you want a laugh

I haven’t seen him, but I’ve been losing like crazy. Every game I lead by 5-8 points, reach 17-19 pts and then my guys can’t put the ball in the basket. Long range, mid range, at the hoop. I got so pissed I haven’t picked up my controller in 5 hours. I was so mad…

I’m convinced it was bc I was playing with spotlight Giannis

just finally got him after clearing like 10 boards so he’s still out there

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He’s still there fellas! :hot_face:

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Is he going diamond ?

Yeah, he’s a 2 star Evo, 1st is Amy & 2nd is :gem:.

Do you know the requirements

All I remember is 500 points for level 1. It’s also 30 or 50 threes & like 20 games I think. Haven’t seen level 2.

500 points and 50 threes lvl1
1000 points,100 threes and ?? Games lvl2

Shows up at last 5 ball …and yup lost the game and missed …

Really wish I could get him. Those requirements arent’ bad at all

I’m just not good enough lol. Stupid event to be honest.

That’s not bad at all

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