Is diamond kyrie worth using

i currently have diamond drose im debating if i should sell him, and i have diamond oscar should i keep irving or keep using drose ?

Will drose value go up or will it go down over time ?

Rose will go down as better point guards come out

so u think its worth selling rose and using kyrie ? and sell drose while hes still high ?

Kyrie is a great card he shouldn’t be so cheap.

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Don’t let the price confuse you he’s a good card the only knock on it is his free throw and draw foul.

Kyrie is cash man! use him all day

I honestly don’t see any difference between the diamond Kyrie and amy Rod Strickland, only thing is you have to add Limitless to Rod. He’s got more overall attribute points and is a better defender. The Kyrie card is just paying for the name. I am confident in saying this as I had both and keeping 50k invested in Kyrie wasn’t worth it

How much is Kyrie today?