Is diamond kobe worth using over any1 in my lineup

this is my lineup

I also have diamond kobe should i use kobe over any1 ? or is kobe even worth using anymore compared to other cards that are out ?

You could put Kobe in for KD and sell him since he’s gonna be getting an anniversary card soon.

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kobe 2 small to play over kd

Bro sell that PD PG13.

He’s not worth 300k with all these new cool SFs.

Then don’t use Kobe

i play on pc so i have to be carefull. I love the pd pg13 and i got him cheap. So many people are focused on the new cards that if i sell my pg13 now especially on pc ill only get around 100-150k for him. when i kno i can get like 300-400k once people arent distracted on the new cards

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im curious if diamond kobe should be played over like penny or pd wade

Nope. But you should sell some of them because you have too many auctionable players on the bench.

ok so who should i sell n who should i get

Basically sell anyone below 6’9, and Kareem and KD.

Cop any of ASG Kuzma, Diamond Sabonis, Blue shirt pg13. Hedo. Josh smith. New Scottie.

Either AS Kuzma or Dark Jersey PG13