Is Diamond Dirk worth it?

This is probably the cheapest he has been all season. Thinking I could get it done for about 250K.

Forgot Saphire IT is crazy expensive, assuming I can get one cheap at some point.


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I hate to say it, but no. He’s an awesome card, don’t get me wrong, but not really worth it at this point. He’s too slow for PF and too soft for C. I still use him occasionally, but not that often.

There’s no chance he’s worth it. So many cards are being released better than him. Even if you’re a Mavs/Dirk fan it’s not worth it.

It’s not about Dirk, it’s about pd Oscar. Dr J is super cheap right now. Dirk is not worth the 500k Mt, but for maybe 150k more you get Dirk, Dr J and Oscar

How much is DR J now? on ps4?

Dr J and Oscar aren’t that good either. Dirk is the best of those 3 and i use him occasionally. But all 3 are outdated and not worth their price. Stay away and just buy one of West/Oladipo/Mitchell, 97 LBJ and Malone for half of that MT. And you can even sell all those cards back.
Oscar and Dr J are out of my lineup since at least 2 months (to be exact Dr J never really made it because he isn’t that good).

How many teams u came across with these players ? Very few, almost none right ?
That is not cuz historic sets are expensive, that is because we don’t use em :slight_smile: and ive d contracts and best diamond shoes on all of em.

the question is also wether you play mostly supermax and want to win or what does “worth it?” actually mean? its value can be measured by how efficient the card is or how much fun you can have with it while playing friendly matches, schedule challenges, weekly’s etc. while completing historic collections for dirk, you also get 15 amethysts. same for dr. j. I have a lot of fun recently doing the schedule challenges with amy rewards. some of them are surpisingly good, like mikan, gervin, abdul-rauf, al jefferson at PF etc. the fun made it worth completing the sets for me.

if it’s all about pure effectiveness, you can buy amy worthy for 25k instead. for the price of dirk, you can get a full competing squad you can use for supermax.