Is Darius Miles worth EVOing?

Is Darius Miles worth EVOing?

I’m playing super casual this year and my other SFs are mostly reward cards as I’m auctioning off any cards I don’t I don’t absolutely need to complete Dom or TTOff.

I guess I just wanna know is he better than cards like amy Rudy Gay and amy Shane Battier? Or should I not bother wasting my time? Would really appreciate the insight.

Yes. He’s better than those 2 guys and one of my fave cards for this early part of the cycle

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At one point did you feel like he wasn’t good enough to make your squad? Or is he still on it?

definitely off it by now. Kersey and xavier cost some coin but are way better. you’re better off evoing other cards

I get that those cards are better but like you said they cost a chunk of MT. They also require an ass load of grinding and I mentioned at the beginning I’m playing super casual this year.

I did get Kersey to amy but I gave it up right after. That shit is too much.

He’s really solid on defense and can slash with the best of them. Jumper is broke but I didn’t use him to shoot anyways

Miles is cool. Great defense and finishing but kinda obsolete at this point in the game now. He was a killer first month though

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Simple answer no

Il still using him but thats bcuz im a big dmiles fan. Unfortunately hes prob outdated already. I’ve been waiting a long time for a dope dmiles card n this is the best ive gotten in years so ima run him. But i will also say im pissed qrich got the bang my head celebration n dmiles didnt?? What gives 2k? Seriously?

That’s disappointing. I do love that about Q. I don’t have Miles yet.

No point evolving reward cards thats not good enough to make your team.

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No don’t waste your time

There’s very few non auctionable cards worth Evo ING and I’d say no for Darius

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I like him. Solid all round, long and surprising fast.

Not the worst card to evo. Especially for NMS.

And hey if you grinding anyways… (and before it’s said, yes there are better cards to evo, I’m just saying I found hm worth it myself)

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The problem with Ruby Darius Miles this year is that he’s been nerfed so much compared to last year’s Ruby. If y’all thought that this Darius Miles was good this year, the Ruby last year was more godly.

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