Is COD worth it?


NFS Heat is where it’s at rn, but yeah COD is cool

Yes the PS4 version , NOT the Xbox verson

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Yes it’s a great game imo

thanks lol. im guessing u only play ps4 lol. i play xbox

I got both consoles , but it’s criminal to hold off content on one system and still ask full price


wait they are holding off content?

The spec ops on Xbox comes a year after.

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wow wtf lmao. thats some BS right there

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Yup!! And they still got people to pay 60.

has there been a difference in recorded sales console vs console?

50% yes 50% no …free dlc whenever it come multiplayer it mediocre game

Don’t know bro

im gonna buy the game on disc tomorrow since its on sale for black friday unless its on sale for console too

It’s also on “sale” on the ps store

If they fix jump shooting and crouch prone shooting, then yes it’s worth it