Is clyde a must cop?

Hes cheap as f. He would replace dr J off the bench. I’d only buy him if his price was to go up.

It’s only the second day, his price might drop later in the week.

The cards definitely worth the price it’s at now though

Yes buy now before his price goes up

His a must cop, his definitely a top 10-15 card in the game right now, a better dominique. For 90k its insane not to pick him up.

I pickee one up with diamond contract for 95k so his on my team for good now

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100% no question to replace dr J

his price won’t go up in any exciting way — more likely to go down

he will be better on o & worse on d than dr j

drexler is good but quickly becoming the most overrated card on 2kg

Buy you will not regret it , specially if you like to dribble and dunk over everyone :+1:

Was he still BIN all day today on XB?

his under 100, mid 90s on ps4, and xbox always cheaper

He’s too good not to go up…I think he’ll settle around 150k like ASG 98 Magic

Its not about how good a card is, its pack odds. Hes definately worth more,but he was so common from the packs.

Yeah man , cop him asap! He is worth it at his price rn tbh, such a fun card to use

I personally dont think hes must cop. Hes awesome no doubt but is he better then pd bron or melo or kd or kuuz? Even tho they all sf/pf everyone is running them @ sg anyways.

This is true since Kawhi is still at 30k rn…but worse case scenario you’re getting an elite card for good value. That jumper is :droplet:

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Yeah thats how i look at it, the card is better then these expensive ones

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